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Charleston Cab Company offers its unique, industry leading Concierge program to all interested parties in the Charleston area.
A CCC Concierge is a person who orders a cab through our online booking system on behalf of a third party. Concierges can be:
  1. Hotel Concierges
  2. Front of the House restaurant personnel including hosts, bartenders, wait staff and managers
  3. Hotel Bell Hops and other front desk personnel
  4. other corporate employees who have cleared the Charleston Cab Concierge program with their supervisors and corporate ethics guidelines.
Any interested potential Concierge should email with the following information: 1) First and Last Name, 2) Employer, 3) job title, 4) cell phone, 5) email address, and 6) Paypal ID. Approved Concierges will receive an email from CCC with their log-in credentials for our online booking system. Approved Concierges can then order a cab on behalf of a a third party through our online booking system. Concierges will be paid a commission through Paypal equal to a percentage of the fare charged to a passenger on all fulfilled requests, excluding driver tip. Charleston Cab Company will never up-charge or overcharge a passenger for a Concierge requested cab. The Concierge fee is deducted from the CCC published metered or flat rate fare, excluding tip, that the CCC driver receives from a passenger. All Concierge commissions will be paid weekly via Paypal. Concierges may monitor their commission balance by logging into their CCC Concierge account.

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