Jim Jones  

License No:101476
Jim is a retired attorney who moved to Charleston in 2011. Jim founded Charleston Cab Company with his son Kenny and began operations on March 9, 2012. Jim's other son Corey joined the company in December 2012.
 Rating: 4.00

Corey Jones  

License No:101759
Corey is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in marketing. Prior to joining Charleston Cab Corey was in sales at Hudson Nissan. Corey is Vice President of Operations at Charleston Cab. Corey enjoys golf, his dogs, and working.
 Rating: 5.00

Kenny Jones  

License No:101552
Kenny attended the University of Akron, and moved to Charleston in 2011. Kenny was caddying on Martha's Vineyard in the summer of 2011 when President Obama played golf with Morgan Freeman. The Secret Service confiscated his phone after he snapped a picture of POTUS.
 Rating: 5.00

William Hutchinson  

License No:101999
William is a single father of two. William was born and raised in Charleston. He enjoys basketball, and spending time with his kids.
 Rating: 5.00

Keith Gebbia  

License No:
 Rating: 5.00